lame update

So, i will not be providing the update I was expecting to ;)
Been a long and busy day.  I need a massage... as much as any person has needed a massage :)
I did learn one VERY important thing today.  Rajashree (Bikram's wife if you're not in the know) confirmed that Spring teacher training next year will NOT be in Acapulco, it will be back in California.
More to follow...

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  1. Hi Edwina!

    Thanks for your blog ... hope you're not giving up writing it ... I'm looking forward to following your journey through Bikram TT next spring!

    We have a few things in common ... I was born in Cape Town, too, and raised in SA. Now living in Panorama, B.C., Canada. I'm a Virgo, too ... although a few years older than you ... I am a "snake", though.

    I'm a Bikram TT wannabe ... I've practiced for two years - one year in Whistler, one year in Maroochydore on the Sunshine Coast in Australia. I haven't practiced in over a year now, and am about to get back into it. Just discovered Bikram's audio cd's, which I've ordered - my nearest studio is 5 hours' drive away!

    Hope to hear from you!