End of week 5

So, week 5 will henceforth officially be known as the week I did not have diarrhea.  It has been much easier to keep my electrolytes in check without that complication.  Ironically there is a downside.  I am not kidding!  Because I don't have to pay extra special attention to my water intake due to the added complication (diarrhea is a complication right?), I have been less than diligent.  Headaches have ensued as a reminder that 3 to 4 liters of water will not suffice.  Every cloud has to have its silver lining even the shit ones... (OMG that was a bad pun... I am so sorry!)

Last night in the hot tub I realized something very important about drive.  Not desire, but drive.  In the hot tub was a partially paralyzed Canadian.  He received a spinal injury many years ago whilst doing some extreme motocross mid-air flip.  After 6 weeks in hospital and months of 6 hour a day rehab sessions he was officially as good as he was going to get?  So what did he do?  He got into wheelchair racing (marathon length).  He has sponsorship, and is working on getting more.  His aim is to get into motor racing once he has enough backing.  After speaking to him I am pretty sure this will become a reality.  Alistair gets himself to all of his sponsorship meetings in his big truck (bakkie for you south africans).  In order to defray his costs he tows a large trailer which he uses to haul stuff for a fee between his destinations.  Additionally he works as a public speaker (again with sponsorship, this time to remove the speakers fee which is typically a hinderance to entry.  This drives up overall demand for his services, due to the price of entry being better for the schools.)  Some people simply CHOSE to have the drive to do what it is that they wish for.  For them it is a matter of reaching out and grasping what it is that they want, not hoping their desires get fulfilled. For those desiring to be a yoga teacher... the same applies... if you want it, you can make it happen.   More than 1 person here did not come up with the money to be here all by themselves.

So, onto crying.  Some people cry every day.  Others not at all.  Every journey is different.  I have had a couple of occasions when I cried.  Sometimes it's nothing more than reverting to my primal inner child when I am so sleep deprived my conscious mind has checked out, and my poor inner child gets overwhelmed by some of the goings on.  I have cried over being bullied by one person here at TT, and then moved on to learning to be more assertive.  I have cried for the pain, and now I am learning how to block it from my mind.  I have cried as I released the fears buried deep inside.  Surrender...

5 is alive

Holy crud!  5 weeks over.  It is hard to believe.  On the one hand I feel like i just got here, and on the other I feel like I have been here forever. We have 4 weeks left to go... I'm guessing that means 20 postures in 15 days (come on, there is like totally not going to be any dialogue in week 9! Get real, they will make us do it all by the end of week 8 for sure.)  The perceptions of dialog delivery are in and of themselves interesting.  I have found people whose dialogue is good, and their delivery (energy, passion, etc) to be exceptional, beating themselves up feeling like they are not doing that well.  I have also seen people recite the dialogue without any energy, inflection, or attention to the bodies, think that they are the shiznick.  I'm not sure which is worse.  I am sure though, that as we progress we will all be aided by the posture clinics to be better at whatever it is that we need to improve.  Ultimately we will all be offered the tools we need to succeed. It is merely up to us to accept and use them.

This past week we had Emmy teaching most mornings and Bikram teaching most nights.  I think if I didn't do another class I would still hurt for a month!  As Emmy and Diane both said... I need more intensity.  So, I now kill myself in every class.  Some days that means I'm like an animal... in others I have much much less to give.  The results are pretty profound.  I'm getting ripped.  Seriously, even I can notice it.  People are commenting on it a lot. Another benefit is that I have learnt to focus, concentrate and mediate even through searing, stabbing or exploding pain.  Did I mention I booked myself for a much deserved and needed massage tomorrow?  I'm worth it! =D

We had Jon Burras guest lecturing this week.  I like Jon.  I like Jon's lecture.  I especially like the way some people got worked up into a froth over his lecture.  ;)  Emmy also lectured.  I think her review of our triangles may very well have been the most productive thing that Emmy brought to us.  Why do I say that?  In a nutshell, folks who thought they had triangle nailed discovered they did not.  We all learnt how to correct different body types and limitations.  This knowledge is invaluable as a practitioner and as a teacher.  Next week we have Doctor week.  Dr Das will be presenting, as will Rajashree (assisted by the head of some medical centre (I'm too lazy to check my notes now - If i remember, i will do it later)).  I also had at least one Di-piphany (Di-piphany (noun) - when one suddenly "gets" a pose because of getting some insight from Diane Ducharme) this week, which was pretty cool.  Now, would it be too much to ask to get back to locking my knees in padahastasana and seeing my toes camel?  (without giving up my current height in full locust or low butt in the 1st part of awkward mind you!)  The body... it doeth whatevereth it pleaseth...


On to class #52

Jon Burras

Kristen and I in a lecture

Diane Ducharme (love love love this woman!)

Emmy Cleaves (an icon for the ages)

Ashley doing a demo


Bed before 2am?!

I fear what this means... Tonight there was no movie after our posture clinic.  We all left our posture clinics as scheduled at 11:30pm, only to be told in the lecture hall that Bikram had decided to let us go for the night.  Are we in for an ass-whomping come morning?  Guys, Emmy already kicked my ever shrinking behind good and proper this morning! ah what the heck... bring it on!

I am now going to go meditate and then focus on my Balancing Stick a little before bed.  For some reason that wretched pose is not sticking!  New Shakti gear should be on sale soon... oooohhhh ;)


Monday - week 5

I'm feeling better... physically and emotionally after today's 2 classes.  I guess a good gauge for the abuse of one's body is that this morning in the bathroom I realized it was my 4th consecutive day without bathroom issues.  I was immediately suspicious.  Now that everything is normal... can I trust it? How long will it last? Between that and today's classes ironing out much of my stiffness and aches I am ever hopeful that I may have turned a corner.  The class too seems to be doing well.  Some time after the middle of last week our discipline in class significantly improved.  We still have the odd person having a bad day (heck, that's a lot of abuse to be taking mentally and physically).  There are also only a few stranglers who are not yet fully committed to giving their all in every class.  I suspect the staff and faculty here will have us all toeing the line in no time.  YESSIR!

We had our second anatomy test today, and I believe it went well.  Afterwards we did our first daytime posture clinic.  I was looking forward to doing our usual evening one, but to no avail.  We have a lecture starting at 9:30pm.  The late start may not bode well for sleep :(

Tomorrow week 5 starts...

... and the process has me demoralized, depressed, deranged, dejected, distraught and distant...


4 weeks... 100 Ibuprofen tablets... that's an average of... um... 3.57 tablets per day. considering I try to abstain that's saying something. On to bottle #2.

The desert dirt is more pervasive than I thought.  Most of use tend to leave this dirty sweaty footprints right in the middle of our glistening white, hotel provided, towels during class.  Much of it is the desert dirt.  Some of it is our flip flops of course.  

I did some hand washing the end of the first week, and again at the end of this week.  All I have to say is EWW! The first batch washed out fine.  Today's stuff made it look like I was making tea (a blend of Green and Ceylon, if you must know).  The big difference... the floor.  The yoga capris I washed today got to sit on the carpet during posture clinic.  The hotel carpets must be filthy. I repeat again... EWW!

 practicing anywhere... any time...


Brainwashing progress report

Agent 0177 reporting in. 
After 4 weeks the brain washing is almost complete.  Bed time for the new recruits was between 2:30am and 4:30am all of this week.  The sleep deprivation has worn them down.  They can't even think for themselves more often than not.  Crying, rage and fits of screaming are now frequent enough to prove efficacy. The final test of pliancy was Friday night when the very very bad Bikram Disco song (I believe track 3 on "Bikram's Lounge" ($14)) was played after class and the recruits were encouraged to dance.  Agent 0177 must report that she has been compromised.  She danced.  She even thinks this track is the best of the Bikram recordings.


Group 6

I love love love my posture clinic group. They are a really great bunch of people and I am eagerly looking forward to getting to know them. Here are some of the folks in my group:
  • Lori - has been an actress for 37 years, and is our resident "drama queen" (literally =D) and mother figure from Colorado.  Of course she learns the dialogue in like minutes.  I would like to hate her for that, only she is sooo good at giving me tips when a line or paragraph won't stick with me I have to forgive her :)
  • Victor - Is this lovely lovely man from Mexico. He will tell you in the most fluent English that his English is not so good, and that he only really learnt it in the month prior to TT.  Of course he just blew most of his vocabulary in telling you this.  He is the epitome of "smiling happy face".
  • Kristin - you know that beautiful, thin, super flexible, blonde you just want to dismember our of sheer jealousy; but you can't because you really really like them?  That's Kristin.  Sigh.  Darn that cute Texan for being so likable!
  • Lennart - talk about a strong practice!  This guy is good with a capital G.  He is the sweetest German guy out; but trust me, I have also seen glimpses of his mischievous sense of humor.
  • Lauren - I wanna be Lauren when I grow up! (although she's probably a lot younger than me)

Posture clinics

After 2 weeks of posture clinics, here is my take on it SO FAR.
Some of the senior staff are simply better than others at certain aspects of the posture clinics.  Out of the folks I have had in my posture clinics the followings ones stand out for me due to them delivering a specific message (or being first to deliver it).
  • Martha Williams helped us understand the role of a teacher as it pertained to being up there on the podium. The thing that sticks out for me from Martha's posture clinics is that the teacher is teaching one student at a time.  The dialogue is not plural... it is "kick your leg up", "suck your stomach in".  This was actually very profound for me.
  • Ren taught us a lot more about being a teacher, what you can and cannot do with the dialogue in order to be successful.
  • Mike Frayer has scary 6th sense like abilities.  He not only sees what you are lacking in your delivery, but somehow manages to know what part of it you need to hear at that moment.  For everyone in my group the night we had him he managed to pinpoint a focal point and draw them away from what they were obsessing over.  
  • Diane Ducharme got us after we had gotten some conflicting messages "you must stand still", "you should make natural movements", etc.  What she reminded us was that this was a laboratory where we would be free to experiment and learn to be our very best teacher-selves.  We should learn to let go in order to find out what works.  If feedback does not resonate as true within you and make you less effective... leave it on the floor.


what's in store?

Holy Cow, it's Thursday again.  Thursdays are still the only day with a consistent dedication.  Thursday morning classes are still for the Lovely M (kick that C's ass!).  I did good today, lots of positive healing energy coming your way!

Another TMI alert.  Okay, so the Bikram yoga waltzed into my central control system found the big RESET button on the hormones console and whacked the button with all it's might.  Do things really have to insist on getting worse before they get better?  Yes, yes, it'll fix any issues I have in the body... yadda yadda...  but holy cow... a second period only 20 days after I started the last.  Urk.  The worst part of this, is that my cycles dial all aches and pains up several notches.

On a bright note, despite having to go to the lecture hall after posture clinic last night Bikram did not keep us up until 4:20am again!  Yay.  We got let out of the room at 2:30.  I miss sleep... I wonder if it misses me?


week 4 update

Bikram and Dr T

I have been lax in posting, I know.  My husband was in town for the weekend.  Studying my dialogue, studying for my anatomy test (yeah... nailed that sucker!), and spending time with him took precedence over updating y'all. Truth is, the anatomy is served up in such a manner that the only way one cannot excel on the test is if you are English Second Language (there are indeed some folks here who's grasp on English is very tenuous - my heart goes out to them, and my admiration too!), or you simply failed to pay any attention whatsoever.  Anatomy is not something to fret over, as Dr Trapani makes it really simple to follow. It is a very dry topic, so focusing could be a fun thing to try and practice.

We had posture clinic on Monday night... but last night... Daddy was back... oh yes... lectures till midnight and movies till 4:20am.  Ah the joys of TT.  Now we're all tired, stressed and sore (the soreness never passes... best you can hope for is your aches to migrate to a new and more interesting place).

For those of you who have had the honor and privilege of ever being under the tutelage of Lynn whitlow or Diane Ducharme... you lucky dogs you!!! I'll say more when I stop being in awe... if I stop being in awe...


Thought for week 4

There is no situation that could ever confront you that cannot be solved.
Life takes on real meaning when you set values for yourself, regard yourself as worthwhile and elevate your thoughts to things that are of God-good.
There is a Higher Power.
Turn to it and use it;
It is yours for the asking.
~ Brian Adams (How To Succeed) ~



Some of the fabulous visiting teachers!

Martha telling us Thursday nite to go UP! ;)

I heart Martha

Picture it (Thursday nite class): 
322 teacher trainees, uncounted number of staff and visiting teachers
Full locust pose (on tummy... legs and arms in air)
Singing Sweet Caroline (with the tum, tum, tum in of course!)


Pubali taught our Thursday morning class.  Lynn Whitlow taught that class.  My bad.  Don't hold it against me, this is groundhog day, the days and weeks blur into each other.  Days for week 3 are as follows...

Wake up. Pee. Dialogue. Get dressed. Dialogue. Breakfast. Study the Dialogue. Walk to class. Dialogue. Do class. Shower. Dialogue. Lunch. Study Dialogue or anatomy.  Lecture. Dialogue & change. Class. Shower. Dialogue. Dinner. Study Dialogue. Posture clinic. Study Dialogue. Sleep.  Rinse and repeat. 

PS. I have heard a number of people who knew large portions of the dialogue prior to TT complaining that it's not like they have to refresh it, but rather relearn it from scratch.



I have been remiss.  I last told you who taught on Tuesday.  My bad.  Wednesday morning Pubali Campbell (out of NH) taught another fabulous class.  That evening we had the John Salvatore show.  John is an entertainer with every fiber of his being foremost and a yoga teacher secondly. The class truly enjoyed the levity he brought to the class.  Make no mistake, these are senior teachers that understand their craft, and by that I mean that they truly try to bring out the very best of us. They are very good at making us demand the best of ourselves.  The classes are hard, we hurt, we ache, we fall over, but we learn to persevere. This is their gift to us, out of their hearts.  My hat goes off to the staff and volunteer teachers who so graciously and selflessly give and give to us to help us grow into better people and better teachers. They are beacons of light for most of us.  If this class is good or special in any way it in only in testament to the legions of teachers that coached all of us.

For the drama queens out there

We are injured and hurt emotionally, 
Not so much by other people or what they say and don't say, 
But by our own attitude and our own response.
~Maxwell Maltz~


Who is the big bad wolf?

It struck me today that strangers are nicer to me than I am to myself.  I don't only mean people that have met me, but just another yogi walking by.  I guess as we work through our stuff we will each have our own things to deal with.  I have been very impressed by the general positive attitude, generosity, kindness and compassion of this group of people.  This week we have being seeing more people break down, but this is good.  Trust the process, right?


$10USD/month to use certain hotspots
The lobby is a hotspot!


Slow roasted Turkey

Yup, with the heat here I am becoming the world's slowest roasted turkey... in a little less than 7 weeks the oven that is Palm Desert will ping and this glistening, golden turkey will emerge. One does not even manage to truly cool down while inside in the air conditioning.  It has the added downside of leading to a significant amount of dehydration and electrolyte imbalance. I faint here, generally it does not lead to feeling fabulous. We all have to chug-a-lug about 5 liters of water a day.  Not something one can practice at home because this is too much water at home, so we all had to get used to it here.

Our posture clinics went well last night after Jim's class.  We had Martha Williams (yes she of the women's retreat in Minnesota fame) as our staff lead in the room.  If fact, Martha taught a fabulous class this morning.  I sure found it hard... indeed brutal... BUT it was a good class.  We continued with our anatomy lecture with Dr T (Dr Frank Trapani and his lovely wife Sonia).  We have 2 weeks of Dr T.  I think we're all in love with doctor T.  Class this evening was with Jim again, who is under the impression this will be the last class he teaches at this TT :(  I heart Jim.  I had a supercalifragilistic class!  It was like a 90min yogasm!  I'm still a lot stiff, but i was able to sustain every pose with poise, focus and normal breathing.  That being said... ow... i think that may hurt in the morning!


Bathed in sweat!

Welcome to week 3.  During the night somebody snuck into my room and used a binding agent on all of my joints (although it may have been a 2 night operation).  I would like to thank the culprits for they did me a favor.  Despite prior admonishments from teachers about pushing to hard I had consistently failed to find a balance between my recurring pain and a consistent practice. Saturday one of the peer advisors very kindly asked what was going on as she had seen me struggle in my practice.  We talked about me going into poses slower in order to find the point before the exploding pain.  It was the very thing Rajashree had told me at a seminar last year.  Yet, it was so hard to follow here at TT where one pressures oneself to do better, faster, harder.  I knew she was right.  I mentally prepared myself over the weekend, knowing my ego (a wretched thing to take into class) loathes to back off when it knows it can go deeper if only it pushed. I won't bore you with the details, but this is the first class ever that I have walked into with stabbing pain in areas and not once had my breath stolen from me.  Wow. 

We had class with Ren Soriano this morning.  Let me rephrase that.  We had a fabulous class with Ren Soriano this morning.  He is quite the comic and brings a great deal of passion for the yoga to class, not to mention a boat load of energy.  Lecture this afternoon will be anatomy with Dr T.   Class at 5pm will be with I don't know, because the big guy is out this week.  Evening lecture from 9pm onwards will be posture clinics!


Escape from the Marriott

I would like to thank my 3 fellow TT students that provided the funds to pay for CPR certification for those that did not have the funds. These folks embody that it is better to give than to receive.  No wonder I like "yoga people" so much... what's not to like.

I have really been enjoying getting to know my fellow students and have already begun to regret that I will never truly get to know them all by the end of the 9 weeks.  Each person's story and spirit has uplifted, enlightened and/or inspired me.  I agree with Bikram that this is the smartest and luckiest group of people alive today.

Saturday I had an amazing visiting teacher (Thank you Lily's mom) take us off-site (and trust me, by the time saturday afternoon rolls around it does begin to feel like a bit of a prison camp no matter how lovely it is).  We picked up some supplies and grokked the joy of not having to have to do anything or be anywhere at a specific time.  Yay to buying treats/rewards (be they a tote for class, a new item of clothing, or other).  Just remember... no green... just because they have not been very serious about clamping down on this to date does not mean that they will not in future.  Just do it (or in the case of bringing anything green(ish) to TT... just don't do it).  If you forget, the on-site Bikram store will happy sell you shorts, tops, Ts, mats, totes and water bottles to replace your green ones.  


End of week 2

Once our CPR training is done today we are done for week 2.  YAY!  The truth is that as the week progressed our practice got weaker. We still did class, but with less vim and vigor (and less smiles).  We had Patricia yesterday morning and Jim again last night.  One class was particularly bad with several folks needing a breather at the back of the room.  I felt really sorry for this one lass who went back and forth several times.  Yes I know it's bad and one aught not to do that.  It is so easy to criticize when you are not the one with the brain freak out.  I've been there and I hope that we all find our inner calm.  Trust me, the inner calm you bring from your studio is not big enough to encompass all that TT subjects you to. 


Happy birthday Rajashree

This afternoon was my favorite Bikram lecture to date.  I could really relate to it and it struck a chord in me.  The lecture room was just so darn hot it's hard not to feel like it's an extra 4 hours of class without the poses.  Emmy Cleaves had to leave early on some personal matters, we all hope for the best.  I can't wait till she comes back.  Jim is back, yay.  

Anatomy classes are next week with Dr T.  Posture clinics also start next week.  Saturday is our mandatory CPR certifications.  Last night we watched a bunch of news clips and specials on Bikram, Yoga and Bishnu Ghosh, and got to bed early (before 1am!  yay!)  Ah the joys of sleep deprivation.  I am really appreciating my hands today.  They do not hurt.  It is nice to have a body part without aching, burning, or stabbing pain. Other than that... drinking all this water is HARD if you are not used to it.  And the pain and suffering is NOT worth not making yourself feel like you are drowning in water.

The class is starting to have some emotional breakthroughs (and breakdowns). At this point much less than I had expected.  For the most part attitudes remain positive.  We are all working through our own stuff, and it comes out in different ways for different people.  They really are a fabulous bunch of human becomings.


I love avocados

I really do.  Yum.  I bought this big bag at Costco the Saturday b4 TT started and stuck them in this stay fresh veggie bag.  I have 2 left.  Oh woe is me when I run out.  Some folks are apparently having PB and Jelly for dinner.  That would not fly with moi for sure!  With the coffee maker's hot water one could at the very least make instant oatmeal or ramen noodles once in a while.  The aches continue... whoohoo? At least I'm not dead right?  Actually the class did fabulously this morning, the last couple of mornings we had a number of people taking a knee or needing a breather.  This morning they were rocking it.  Emmy is the bomb, not only for classes and lectures, but also for just being Emmy.  Bikram is a very very very smart man with a substantial knowledge base. He is also a delightful entertainer who really puts a great deal of himself into his craft.  The two things (well as I see it at this point anyways) that he is not is succinct and able to relate his point to the masses.  After his lectures people try to phantom his point.  This too may be part of his bigger plan (and trust me, the man always has some devious plan ;))

Week 2 Tuesday

We had our first Emmy lecture after lunch today, and also the class finished up our Half Moons this evening.  Whooohooo!  I was nervous and kinda botched the first half of mine and then raised the roof in the second half.  I found it better to forget the room and focus on my 4 demo students, when I did that I was able to begin to relax into just teaching.  The truth is I am petrified of standing up in front of groups and talking.  I must therefore face that which I fear most.  The class honestly did a fabulous job with their dialogues.  Were it not for nerves Bikram would have had so much less to focus on.

Here is a picture of my roommate and myself before enjoying Emmy's lecture in the sweltering heat...

Some days you just have the shit kicked out of you...

Cinco de Mayo brought two crappy classes... argh... curses upon my currently dysfunctional digestive tract.  Okay I will give it Kudos for coming through in the second class (but Pox on it for taking me to the restroom during class... grrr) Nailed from floor bow onwards... actually nailed it better than it has been nailed since getting here.  Ahhh the little victories...  Here are the pix from b4 and after this morning's class.  


before and after class #11

Here we are... Monday morning

Does this sweat make my face look hot? (who cares about butts at this point?)


My practice

Other than the fact that I feel like a bunch of rabid monkey's broke into my room last night and beat me to a tender pulp (I must have been lying face down at the time) with baseball bats, I am doing better so far than I had expected myself to do.  Body pains seem as likely as sunshine here.  As I was warned, my practice varied A LOT.  What surprised me is that it did so from the very first class. As we all know, there are two kinds of yogis.  Those born strong and those born flexible.  I am NOT the bendo doll, trust me every millimeter I can move from perfectly rigid was earned in sweat (and many cases tears). Well, for the first 2 days I could not balance on one leg for more than 10 seconds at a time.  While it is getting better, all the poses I traditionally find "easier" have taken me work.  Elements of poses that formerly took no effort are now my nemesis :(  On the bright side I can forward bend all of a sudden.  The bad news is that I am so not used to being able to do this that I am struggling to find the happy medium between trying hard enough and injuring my back further than I have already (2 pinched nerves to date).  Please bear in mind that this will not happen to everyone.  I have some pre-existing conditions I have to contend with.

I knew before I came that I would have 3 cycles while here. I will tell you I had my PMS dialed up to a 12, Spinal Tap style.  OMG I wanted to punch everyone in the nose! I have never in my life felt so enraged. I tried to contain it but I would not be surprised if some folks are like "yeah I met her and WHAT a bitch!"  If you are not used to doing class during your TOM I advise you do some before coming to TT so you can gauge what typically happens to you (I typically get dizzy, and knowing this allowed me to be prepared and take some honey which is the one thing I've found to help).

I want to deliver a gargantuan THANK YOU to all the instructors that corrected my form and the form of those around me. I want to thank you for every "lock your knee", "straighten your arms", "flatten your hands", "keep still!", "heels together", "NO towel!", and other admonishment ever delivered before, during or after every class I was ever in. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. While it is true we have some rubber people here we also have many folks that are going to get such corrections delivered in a less nurturing way.  I accept I will be corrected, but I am grateful that it will not be for things I aught to know better about... things that you all cared about enough to make a habit for me.  So next time I suck in my gut, tuck in my tailbone and relax my shoulders away from my ears without so much as thinking about it... that's thanks to you guys!  I luv you and miss you all!!! (PS, thanx for all the texts, messages, emails, etc... keep em coming!)

Gratuitous pictures

As I said before the fridges are small.  So that takes a savvy brian to deal with.  At this point the hotel charges $2 a day to rent the fridge.  The minibar (52F/12C) is free, but will not properly keep certain foodstuffs (now is not the time to be inviting Salmonella to the party).  Internet and parking both run $12 a day (yes you can request the internet in your room for just one 24hr period per week (say noon Saturday to noon Sunday)).  I am using phone-as-a-modem for my internet connectivity, but for international visitors this may not be viable/cost effective.  The lobby/business center charges $3 for 30 min of internet (where they provide the computer).

We procured a small cheap microwave (hot plates are strictly forbidden and can bring the wrath of the Bikram staff down on you when the hotel complains about you) as the hotel did not have any available (despite the fact that we requested one way in advance).  The box worked out very well and serves as a "kitchen" holding our supplies all neat and tidy (saving much surface space.

We were glad for coming in a day early, not just for being able to scoot around in a rental car and pick stuff up, but also because we were not caught in the deluge of check-ins.

the final paces to the yoga/lecture room

Come hydrated, this place is very dry and thus very deceptive in drying one out!


This is for those attending future TT's at the locale!

There is a Ralphs and a Rite Aid really really close.  Shuttle is supposed to be up and running starting this weekend, but really it's just across the street so it's no big deal to walk. These 2 are VERY well stocked with just about anything you can think of which will make packing easy regardless of where you come from.  

Ralphs not only has a fair selection of fresh fruits, vegetables and juices they also have a fair selection of pre-made foods.  They have a pretty okay selection of foods also.  Yes, if you need Spanish Almonds picked by blind monks on a full moon then you'll have to bring your own, but is common almonds will suffice you'll be okay ;)  The Rite Aid has more stationary supplies (journals, notebooks, pens, pencils, etc) than you could ever wish for.  Again, if you insist on a Moleskin or specific pen brand you may want to bring your own. They have TONs of first aid supplies, hygiene products, ear plugs (if you forget this and your room mate snores you'll regret it day 1.  In addition the movies are DEAFENINGLY loud so I put my ear plugs in and i can hear everything clearly (the added bonus is you block out the people blabbering constantly during the movie).  The Rite Aid has an impressive selection of sun block but it does only carry the SPF30 Blue Lizard sport (if you have no idea why I mention this you can tan and thus are not subject to the nuances of the finer sunblocks ;) )  Hair supplies vary from Pantene to Paul Mitchell, so the selection is better than we would expect. Heck they have Matrix, Biolage, Nizoral, Fekkai, Redken, you name it, so no problems there. Neither with hair, nail and face accouterments. Water bottles may leave some to be desired for most.  The selection of protein bars and Protein powders (and similar delicacies) nearby is very limited (half a smidge above non existent).

The hotel itself has several shops where one could buy clothing, swim suits, cover ups, shoes, one (actually a good brand) of protein bar, spa essentials, and a handful of first aid supplies (nice to be able to get mootie when needed!)

In short, day to day supplies can be gotten across the street at any time; with certain other essentials being on hand on-site.


It's alive!! (week 1 done)

Well actually it should be "it's still alive".  May I be the first to say "holy Budda"?!  (My room mate says to create balance in the universe for the all the times Bikram says "Jesus Christ" we should pick another deity to use their name in vain)

The room is now a lot hotter (since yesterday morning's class).  I would guess the temp is between 105F/31C and 120F/50C in there.  It is also a lot more humid so we are getting nice and hot n sweaty.  The weather here has cooled off a little to 85F/29C.  It's a nice dry warmth, so not as difficult as wet sweltering heat.  We may as well enjoy it, because as summer rolls in, things here is the desert will get pretty darn toasty.

We have more folks now needing to take a knee or lie down in class. With so many factors in play it is inevitable.  There was a lot of excitement and nerves for most of us, add the physical demands, the sleep deprivation (did I mention we stayed up until 4am on Thursday nite?), the change in diet, etc etc and it is no surprise that some people end up feeling severely faint or nauseous in class.  We had Rajashree teaching all the morning classes except this morning (Taught by Mike Winter out of Houston), and Bikram taught all the evening classes except the one Jim Kallett (from San Diego) taught.  We're all feeling a little worse for wear (so where do you ache?!), but spirits are high.  Whooohooo we survived one week!  Emmy comes next week.

Human traction... bones to skin... fingers to toes :)