Talent show

There truly are some seriously talented individuals in our group, as I assume there are in every group. Some real pros (belly dancers and singers in our case ;)) came out of the woodwork. In some cases as a total surprise to us. No matter how you feel after 9 weeks, go to the talent show, it is worth your time, no matter how sleep deprived you are ;)

Week 9 was totally awful. We got let go at 1am on Monday, and that would turn out to be the easiest night :( After that it was 3:30 and 5:30 in the morning. We were walking zombies. Not to mention those aches and pains one develops do not get better at the end. Heck, week 9 saw me pinch another nerve and having to leave class to go throw up (go figure). On the bright side, we were all bulletpoop and painpoop (what do you mean it's "bulletproof and painproof"? That's not what that cute Bengali says!), so we were all like "whatever, bring it on dudes". One really does learn how to shirk things off. I wonder if this is a permanent new power or not.

Much of week nine (over and above trying to get time with people that mattered, boosting your photo quotient, and napping in your lunch plate) was dedicated to musing over our first class. While some superstars came here trained and could have taught a class on day one, some of us needed TT to get us ready. Many feel they are not ready to teach. I think many of us fear not being able to get much of the dialogue out, instead of accepting that we won't and focusing on just doing what we can and teaching a class. I feel like i have no chance in hell of having a successful 1st class. As long as no one dies I have a chance of getting better, right?


  1. Hi Edwina! What an accomplishment! Well done! I can understand why you wouldn't want to participate in the advance course, though! Don't suppose you met my lovely friend who IS doing that course, Manyia Langford, a Brit who now lives in Australia? If you have and see her around, please pass along my love! Thanks! Looking forward to reading about your future adventures in yoga! Cheers! T.

  2. I've been in some classes with a first time teacher. I think its natural for people to think that they are less prepared than they really are. Remember, in most classes, alot of the people could pull off a reasonable practice even if the teacher simple said "nyuk, nyuk, nyuk" again and again. I'm sure the thought of leading the class is scary, but my guess is that you will do just fine.