Summary #2 (self)

Body, mind and spirit...

Try to come with no expectations. I know that is easier said than done, but do try your best to erase these.

  • Try not to plan "things you will improve" while at TT. Don't be thinking that this is the time to lock out your leg or see your toes. If it happens great, if not that's okay too. Defecation occurs...
  • DO prepare for TT. I think it is a good idea to have executed a 60 day challenge prior. Also, pull a few doubles beforehand. In the month leasing up to TT don't go overboard, simply maintain a regular schedule.
  • If you have lots of extra weight (don't give me that "omg I like have to lose 5lbs/2kg or I'll die I'm so disgusting" (I'll poke your eyes out), we're talking about f-a-t), you may want to try and shed some of it beforehand if you have the time. No heavy dieting, just more contentious eating. If you are really overweight, the fat does tend to melt off at TT (even more so for the gents). If you have a lot of fat you already know it gets in your way.
  • At TT eat whatever your body demands. If your body is in a good place you will typically find an increased need for protein and fat (your body will need more of both of these, so if your body is functioning optimally it should crave these). Here is a point of interest... the weeks I ate like a pig I lost the most weight. I ate everything I craved.
  • Be aware that injuries do not tend to heal at TT... whatever issues you go with you typically have to endure for the duration.
  • As I said before, pack at least travel sizes of stuff like immodium, ibuprofen, etc

  • Bring a journal. Even if you don't typically journal, there will be times where the most constructive thing will be to
  • Cellphones are handy. If you don't normally text message you may start while at TT. Sometimes you just don't want to talk ;) Skype is your friend for video conferencing and for making dirt cheap international calls.
  • Bring your iPod/MP3 player. Pre-load it with all of your favorite tunes and/or books. Sometimes a musical bubble is a nice place to retreat :)
  • If you like to read you can even bring some books with.
  • What do you like to do that brings you inner peace? Is it meditating? Is it reading your bible? Is it playing your guitar? Whatever it is, bring the accruements with.
  • If you don't already meditate you may want to learn about it before you go. You never know when you'll need to meditate :)
  • Don't lose yourself in the process of TT. Embrace who you are. That is part of the process.

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