4 weeks to go till TT

Actually less than 4 weeks if truth be told.  I guess I should book my flight :)  I should also run a mental checklist to see if there is anything I need to still procure prior to my departure.  Then all that is left is... yoga, yoga, more yoga... oh yes and trying to learn the stinkin' dialogue ;)

Now a note about dedicating your practice. A while back a teacher suggested doing this sometimes.  Last week and thus week Thursday I dedicated my class to a gorgeous lady at the Ann Arbor studio who is battling breast cancer.  It makes a difference, it really does.  You feel like you want to give nothing but your very best for the person, and at the same time you feel like you have no right to complain about feeling tired, or sore, or whatever you head says is up. It is no longer about you... your practice evolves into a testament for the other person.  I think this was something great that was passed on :)

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  1. Hi Edwina!

    How's the prep work going? All smooth sailing, I hope!

    You must be getting excited by now!

    I know I for one am looking forward to reading all about your TT experience!