Yoga changed my life

I have been asked by many folks of late why I want to do teacher training (or even just why I'm into yoga).  Being the fat girl I also got my fair share of "I didn't know you did yoga." Just because I have double the body mass of the stereotypical yogi is no reason to pick on this Amazon ;)

Back to the topic at hand.  Rewind a second.  Back in 2004 I was trying to get into better shape.  I tried working out, but spent more time on the bench due to my back issues.  I decided to try Bikram, hoping that the heat would be the key.  As I put it, since my back was interfering with me working out I decided to find a workout that interfered with my back. I hated my first class.  You know that rare newbie who can't even get their elbows level on the inhale for pranayama, or well... do much of anything in class?  That was me.  I only went back because I didn't want to quit on myself.  After a few classes I was addicted to how it made me feel.  I still have pain most days, but it's way livable (everything is relative right?).  Two of my slipped discs have recovered!  I no longer use vicodin, percocet or oxycodene. I see my chiropractor a lot less than before.  Even now writing this it fills me with emotion.  If ever I forget what this yoga has done for me, someone can remind me that I have not woken up in searing agony in years and had to go to another room to cry so I don't wake my husband.  Unless you have been through that you can never understand the immense impact. 

Do I need more than that!? =D  For those of you already into yoga you know that it improves everything.  Moods, skin, digestion... I could go on for DAYS... but needless to say I love Bikram yoga because it changed my life and helped me become a better me!

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