The big decision

This weekend brought a significant change for me.  I have decided to attend Bikram Yoga Teacher Training next spring. That is 6 months out.  This is a significant decision for anyone who takes this step, whether they know it at the time or not. I have been telling folks about this since my decision on Saturday morning. Each time I tell someone I am faced with new emotions.  The initial excitement was quickly replaced with trepidation.  Don't get me wrong, I am still VERY enthusiastic, but this decision is like stepping out in front of the cavern mouth brandishing a sword and yelling "Hey!  Whatever demons and dragons are in there come out and face me!" at the top of your lungs. Now I'm standing there thinking to myself "how the heck do I wield this friggin sword?!"

I'm still undecided as to whether i should post my journey over the next 6 months (emotionally and logistically that is).  Figuring out what to pack is one thing, figuring out how to fit it all in your bags is another. I do not know how some folks afford this.  I am thinking of those that become full time yoga instructors.  It's not like they get paid handsomely. Unless one had the money prior, one would spend an inordinate amount of time repaying said debt. better to focus on the plight on others rather than the amount of money I will be using out of our funds. yes, yes, I know once in a lifetime experience.  I pretty much get that or I would not be going :) One of the logistical experience I am not so worried about is being able to handle yoga, yoga, yoga.  I have already done a 60 day challenge (one does 60 yoga classes in 60 days).  I have done some doubles (2 classes in one day), which also alleviates that fear. In fact I did a double last Sunday.  Yoga for breakfast and advanced yoga for dinner. I will ensure I prepare myself physically for the challenge.  

The truth is of course that I'm just doing this so I can say "been there, done that, I have the t-shirt." specifically I think the t-shirt I will be talking about will be this one...

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