Moving forward

I've been talking to more people about the logistics and this is feeling like more of a reality.  Spring training runs from 12 April till 14 June 2009.  Monday to Friday one wakes up to an early class (for those of you do not know Bikram yoga, this is 90min in a 105F/41C room)  then we get brunch served.  After brunch there are lectures (anatomy, posture clinics and the like). Then in the evening there is another yoga class.  We get a dinner break (find your own food) followed by more lectures (that typically end between 11pm and 4am). ALL classes and lectures are mandatory. Saturday has one mandatory class in the morning. All other yoga classes over the weekend are optional. If my math is right it's 98 mandatory yoga classes in 62 days. That's 147hours of yoga (assuming you only get 90min classes, and Bikram is notorious for his 2hr evening classes). I'm thinking I may as well make it an even 100 by picking up some optional classes.  but I can see about that when I'm suffering day in and day out :)

I will have to pack and take certain supplies to ensure I have them.  Acapulco apparently only has granola bars and no energy or protein bars. Also, I will need electrolytes out the yin yang! I was thinking in yoga class today that I shall take a weekly reward.  End of week one I can open my jar of power butter.  End of week 2 I can get a fresh set of yoga togs, yes?  Ah the things we do for a little inspiration.

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