Take a pose

Okay, so being run down from too much work is causing me to have a compromised immunity and some form of cooties is trying to manifest.  Sore throat and coughing. If yoga yesterday and today don't knock it out of me I'll just have to go tomorrow.  The bad thing was i had a coughing fit so bad i had to step out of the room :(  I guess I should have had some water!  Duh!

Two of my frequent instructors were at 2008 spring TT in Acapulco.  Kelly and Amanda both teach at the Ann Arbor studio. Today we went to the Plymouth studio and had Mark from Las Vegas (also a Sprint 1008 alum). After class Pedro took some snaps of me in the poses.  The next set will get taken in the weeks leading up to my departure (with any luck they will be better).  Two weekends from now I will be attending the women's yoga retreat.  These seminars really tend to help, not only in terms of poses, but in terms of focus, understanding and patience with self.  I know I tend to push to hard.  I used to do better in my poses until the accident.  I will get better though.. but only with patience.

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