day 5 into the challenge

Classes don't seem to be getting easier.  I really have to start eating better. The urge to toss my cookies in class is less than ideal.  I think most food tastes better going down than coming back up!  EW :( Food and eating in general is an aspect of yoga and TT that is unavoidable. When I first started I quickly realized that there are certain meals one does not want to follow with a yoga class the next day. Partly due to potential nausea and partly because... well frankly yoga detoxes all your sins and being detoxed isn't always pleasant (for those not in the know... imagine a nice elegant bathroom; picture yourself perched unceremoniously atop the porcelain throne; picture your face all screwed up as you "detox" your sins and think to yourself "NO more pierogies fried with sausages within 24 hors of a class!"  It is not a big surprise that I have not had a pierogi since. Everyone has their tale of detoxing.  Apparently Big Macs yield a similar experience, and here I thought only food poisoning provided an instantaneous colon cleanse!)

So, there are 17 weeks left till TT begins.  I know there are a lot of people that would like to go.  Of those I have spoken to, money and jobs are the primary deterrents. These are significant considerations. Many take loans.  TT effectively costs USD$10,500 (sharing a room).  Although, with the current economy, now would be a good time for those with Euros to enjoy "discount opportunities" :) The cost includes classes, accommodations, and one meal (brunch) a day.  Additional expenses come in the form of dinner, laundry, sundries (toiletries, supplements, etc) and indulgences (massage, pedicure, recreational trips on Sundays, whatever). Then there is the cost of getting to TT.  Last, but not least is the loss of income that would be suffered during this time.  Although this will differ by person and circumstance it is no small thing.  Even the fear of "having to do without" can deter someone who has been gainfully employed. There are mortgages, utilities, standard monthly bills, not to forget periodic bills (such as insurance) that need to be borne in mind when computing the amount of money this will cost/ one needs to save.

Do I really have to go back to work tomorrow? Urgh... after 2 weeks off I really don't want to go back.  It will be nice to hang with some of the folks again, but I can do without the stress and political bru-ha-ha.  On the bright side it is my job that will pay for TT.  Thus I return to work tomorrow to earn the mullah to feed one of my addictions. Yay capitalism! 

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