Preparing for TT

So I have been reading as well as polling teachers... the topic is "how does one prepare for Bikram yoga teacher training?"  The results were actually pretty much the same.  To a person everyone included the top item of my list. I have tried to put this in what I have ascertained to be priority order:
  1. Maintain a consistent practice (opinions varied but no answer was less than 4 times a week and no one felt one should be doing too many classes too close to TT - i.e. solid and consistent) This also includes doing every pose every time.
  2. Solid practice - form over depth remember?  It's okay not to be one of the bendo dolls in class sucking on your ankles and elbows simultaneously. Being able to focus, remain still and retain your inner calm matter most.
  3. Do at least one 60 day challenge prior, but not just immediately prior.
  4. Do some doubles in the 3 months prior to TT.
  5. Do not make any drastic changes to your diet, body, etc prior to TT
  6. Have realistic expectations.  Know what it is you are willing to give and what you expect back.
  7. Being of sound mind and body.  TT is demanding enough without taking mental and physical health issues to training expecting a miracle cure.
  8. Be ready and eager to teach (unless you're just doing TT as like an advanced seminar to further your practice) 
It really all seems simple enough. Strong consistent practice, don't overdo the exercise or anything else that could wear you out physically.  Be good to yourself.

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