Dream meets reality

There it is.  Life in all of its barren glory.  As was to be expected, my director has declined my generous offer to take two months off unpaid.  I guess I'm actually worth keeping around and paying.  LMHO.  Honestly in his place I would have done the same thing. Thus I have 2 viable options: quit my job at the end of April, go to TT and hope that the small amount I have stashed will suffice for my unemployment (which in this economy could be an issue); or go to Fall TT (increasing my stash time and thereby potentially the stash amount).  The leaning as of now is the latter.  Still processing.

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  1. Hi Edwina!

    Sorry to hear about this, but maybe its a blessing in disguise.

    There's nothing worse than worrying about your financial survival when you really want to be focusing on something else!

    Delaying attending teacher training by six months might sound like a long time now, but could well make the world of difference in your enjoyment of the process when you get to TT!

    Good luck!

    Best regards