New year!

Here we are in 2009. Plans are still underway for me to attend TT in the spring. Still no word from my director abut that leave of absence, but for all intents and purposes I have not yet been derailed. This week's debate is drive or fly. The drive is i mere 3656km/2285miles straight shot (not counting detours for petrol, food, or dare I say sleep?) The major disadvantage is of course the time consumption.  Best case scenario is three 12 hour driving days (each way of course).  Ouch.  Of course the up-side is having a vehicle to get around with, as well as of course not having to deal with packing for a plane flight.

Yoga is the same as ever... i.e. different every time.  I recently procured bra-tops (for sweating n class with - going to need a slew what with the sweating in class twice a day), also some yoga pants (not yoga shorts which I wear in class). If you have not already tried them, check out the Beyond Yoga stuff (I know, I know, forget the whole celeb-endorseocity, it's good!).

On another note, I have started my 60 day challenge. my last day will be 2/28/2009. I will have 60 days to do my 60 classes. I plan on getting some doubles in (I need the practice of doing 2 classes in a day ;) ), and by doubles I don't only mean when I do a beginner's and an advanced class in one day.

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  1. Happy new year, Edwina!

    Good luck with the 60-day challenge! I've successfully completed a 30-day, but have yet to attempt a 60-day!

    I'm looking forward to reading about your prep for TT!