8 days left

I actually have several topics I have been meaning to blog on, but you know how it goes. :)  Maybe I'll get to them now...

Today heralded two great things: the end of Posture clinics (we are DONE!) and the return of Ren.  We are exhausted (hellooo, week 8!), excited (yay getting done) and exhausted (did I mention Bikram has been keep us up late?  4:30 am this morning)  Let's say we were not up to par in our morning class.  I heart Ren forever.  I know some people complain he's a diva, but I say be your true self and that Diva is Fabulous!

I blacked out in class on Tuesday.  Most bizarre sensation let me tell you!  I apparently made it down to the mat all by myself.  Then that night I fainted for a moment in posture clinic.  That was "interesting" too.  I remember thinking I wished the posture would end soon.  The thing is I was the one saying the posture.  I guess that is what was meant by trusting that you know the posture.  I was recording myself at the time, and let me tell you that it came out verbatim while I was on autopilot. (the voice lacked a little inflection - I guess it's okay to sound a little vapid when one is having a partial out of body experience ;) )  I have remained dizzy for the last 2 days... i can still consistently get myself to keel over by tilting my head (especially backwards). Cause unknown. And here a thought when the week started that getting my period for the 3rd time was inconvenient ;)

Did I mention that MUCH jubilation ensued after each person wrapped up their final posture?  I didn't need to, did I?!   

BTW, for those of you coming to the fall training... the $20 for the day pass to the spa... it's well worth while.  If not every weekend, then at least here and there.  The Bistro serves pretty good food.  The pool isn't huge, but it has 3 things going for it: saltwater iso chlorine; no kids; no drunks.  The main hotel pools are SWAMPED with drunks and kids over the weekend.  There is a Hammam (lemongrass-citrus scented), steam-room (eucalyptus scented), sauna, and both indoor and outside hot tubs.  The body and mind both find what they need at this peaceful retreat.