Less than a week to go

Mixed feelings abound. I will sorely miss the only obstacle between me and 2 yoga classes a day being what outfit to put on. Reality lurks around the corner.. life has a way of getting in the way of a yoga practice. If it's not the commute, then it's the chores, or work, or family, or... whatever. Did I mention I love being on my mat? It's a great place. If you're questioning anything in your life i say TAKE IT TO THE MAT! ;) Anything the mat can't fix aint worth fixing or having.

There are so many people I have ready access to now that I will miss.  Just as I miss some folks back home while being here, there are plenty of faces I see in the yoga room today that I will sorely miss.  87 classes done, can you believe?  (any oddly worded expressions are Bikram-isms, you may as well get used to them... and "can you believe?" is right up there) So many fantastic teachers and staff and people. Some people have their first class after training set up.  Some as early as the Monday afterward.  Some have full blown schedules laid out for them.  Others, like me have no clue what awaits us.  Neither of my home studios have even begun discussing me teaching a class (mock or otherwise).  It'll all be okay though.  Things that don't make sense are typically following a path we don't see yet.

There is no way I am ready to teach a class (process be darned!).  Knowing this is a good thing though, it motivates me to work on my dialogue (and faith) for the next 2 weeks (I'm here till 4 July).


  1. Hope you have the chance to really savour the experience during these last few days, Edwina, and congratulate yourself on a huge challenge over which you have triumphed! Enjoy!

  2. Are you staying for advanced seminar?? I am coming out for that!! ~ Juliana :)

  3. I've really enjoyed reading your blog. And I do believe that, yes, the whole teaching schedule thing will work itself out for you once you get home.

  4. You must be getting pretty close to wrapping up TT, Edwina! Congratulations, what an accomplishment ... one I hope to emulate at some point! Take care and please keep your blog going so that we can follow your career in yoga (if that's the road you decide to follow)! Best regards, Tanya.