I have often likened TT to giving birth.  Week 6 this really seemed to be the theme for me.   What I used to say was that TT was similar in that during the labor pains there is much pain and cussing, yet afterward all of that is forgot as one revels in the new life. Many here bemoan the visitors constantly telling us how joyous this all is and how very much we will miss it.  Although they are right, they forgot the labor pains and how they cursed everyone and everything during their time in the wringer.  It struck me this week that it is not the yoga teacher's certificate that we are giving birth to, it is ourselves!  This is a rebirth.  Then one class I saw a horde of visiting teachers watching us through the doors of the lecture room.  I felt decidedly like a baby in the hospital nursery with the visitors coming by to see the newborns all swaddled up in their cribs. That was when i began to think further on my own analogy.  What do you do with a newborn?  You pretty much have to feed it and look after it a whole lot, no?  If you don't do that and they tend to get very ill, or in the worst case... die.  That is the truth of it then.  Labor pains, rebirth, then constant care, then ongoing care.  Inside out, bones to skin, body to soul.

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  1. A great analogy ... without doubt, a life-changing experience, I'm sure!