Changes within and without

I have lost at least 5kg/11lbs.  Before those of you planning on coming to TT get all excited, it is important to note I had this (and more) to lose.  Our bodies will do what they need to do.  Which means many of the twigs are lamenting the 1kg/2lbs of muscle they have gained.  I know of at least one that cut her food intake to "get back to her weight", which I would think would be a bad time to do it.  I guess some folks would rather go by a scale than by their body's natural evolution.  Heck, I just look at chocolate souffle and I'm up in weight.  Some folks here are scary thin (think walking xylophone) and I like to think that this is not due to their own doing (my own beloved is of meager breadth and this has nothing to do with him eating insufficiently).  I am starting to show some more muscle definition as my lard begins to melt.  I confess I like it.

I have spent much time reflecting upon things within and think that everyone should bring a journal to TT, even if they never journal.  I'm not saying one needs to journal weekly, or daily.  There will be times though when the thoughts and emotions may be tumultuous, and writing without editing oneself can be beneficial to finding one's own truth within.

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