Today is my day to be pissed off.  It's not only actual events, it is also my own feelings.  Bad combination right now ;)  It seems to be contagious.  Some people came down with the huff-n-puffs last week and a number caught the agro bug early this week.  Yesterday we had two good posture clinics with Lynn and Ida.  Today we got a twat in posture clinic (another joyous 3 hours of him tonight).  Either he's a twat or all the people complaining about him have lost their senses.  I guess there is a third option... he is a twat and we are not in a good mental place to deal with him.


  1. Hey. Hi, you don't know me. I trained in Mexico last fall. I dip in and out of the blogs to see how you're all doing. Just to say, this comment struck a chord with me. We had a few extremely mean teachers in posture clinic (one of which was so out of line he's been banned from TT) and while it feels like shit at the time, I can tell you it means nothing. Those clinics are great for learning dialogue, getting you used to saying them but they are NOTHING like teaching a class. The pressure, the environment - it's so fake. And take heart - these are just people's opinions. They aren't always right. So just listen, absorb, and then if it doesn't feel useful, disregard. Yoga isn't about breaking confidence, and I think sometimes a few of those egos with the folders forgot that. You'll be great. x

  2. Good or bad... I think it is important to try and learn from every experience. Even if it it what not to do yourself when you are put in the same situation. Heck, if we don't learn from others we'll only make these very mistakes ourselves.