posture clinics

What I learn out of my bad turn was that if I am ever in a posture clinic on the other side of the fence it is absolutely essential to be very very gentle with the half baked cookies.  You never know where they are that moment.  Even if you have the best of intentions you never know when you're way off the mark.  So your delivery is very important.


  1. I hope you can generalize this idea. Remember, the students you will be teaching for the most part will not even be half-baked.

  2. I can relate to that. I probably gave many a teacher gray hair. I was that student you fear most. =( I honestly tried with all I had... just at first I had so very little. I want to be able to give to others what those teachers gave to me... were it not for their appropriate care I would at the very least still be in excruciating pain daily.

    All the world is a pile of cookies in varying states of doneness on any given day... i think that it the lesson here.