Week 7

Dr Anne Marie Bennstrom

Tori and I enjoying our Friday

Rajashree on Thursday

Pumpkin Pies on Thursday
Week 7 seemed to be a turning point for Group 6.  Without exception every person in the group made a significant advance in the posture clinics.  Those struggling to get the dialog out suddenly hammered it out, those who formerly hammered it out but failed to connect to the students suddenly made that connection.  It was inspirational to watch.  It was exhilarating for the whole team.  Next week should be interesting.  Our group has gotten to half way through fixed firm at this point. I was very sleepy by the end of the week learning 1 or 2 postures a day.  Bikram is back on Monday so I may even have more sleep deprivation headed my way.   My theme for the week seemed to be forgiving and forgetting.  Inner peace is seeming less and less elusive each day.  Things are what they are :)

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  1. Inner peace ... sounds like a good thing to me!

    Enjoy the last stretch (excuse the pun! LOL!), Edwina!