End of week 5

So, week 5 will henceforth officially be known as the week I did not have diarrhea.  It has been much easier to keep my electrolytes in check without that complication.  Ironically there is a downside.  I am not kidding!  Because I don't have to pay extra special attention to my water intake due to the added complication (diarrhea is a complication right?), I have been less than diligent.  Headaches have ensued as a reminder that 3 to 4 liters of water will not suffice.  Every cloud has to have its silver lining even the shit ones... (OMG that was a bad pun... I am so sorry!)

Last night in the hot tub I realized something very important about drive.  Not desire, but drive.  In the hot tub was a partially paralyzed Canadian.  He received a spinal injury many years ago whilst doing some extreme motocross mid-air flip.  After 6 weeks in hospital and months of 6 hour a day rehab sessions he was officially as good as he was going to get?  So what did he do?  He got into wheelchair racing (marathon length).  He has sponsorship, and is working on getting more.  His aim is to get into motor racing once he has enough backing.  After speaking to him I am pretty sure this will become a reality.  Alistair gets himself to all of his sponsorship meetings in his big truck (bakkie for you south africans).  In order to defray his costs he tows a large trailer which he uses to haul stuff for a fee between his destinations.  Additionally he works as a public speaker (again with sponsorship, this time to remove the speakers fee which is typically a hinderance to entry.  This drives up overall demand for his services, due to the price of entry being better for the schools.)  Some people simply CHOSE to have the drive to do what it is that they wish for.  For them it is a matter of reaching out and grasping what it is that they want, not hoping their desires get fulfilled. For those desiring to be a yoga teacher... the same applies... if you want it, you can make it happen.   More than 1 person here did not come up with the money to be here all by themselves.

So, onto crying.  Some people cry every day.  Others not at all.  Every journey is different.  I have had a couple of occasions when I cried.  Sometimes it's nothing more than reverting to my primal inner child when I am so sleep deprived my conscious mind has checked out, and my poor inner child gets overwhelmed by some of the goings on.  I have cried over being bullied by one person here at TT, and then moved on to learning to be more assertive.  I have cried for the pain, and now I am learning how to block it from my mind.  I have cried as I released the fears buried deep inside.  Surrender...

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