16 days till Cali

It really is hard to imagine that it's only 16 days.  It seems so far away and obscure, yet right here (and I feel I am so ill prepared!)

Although I am most peeved at this cold I have been battling this cold (I blame the cold-hot-col weather swings we had last week) it has served 2 good purposes.  One is to remind me I can survive yoga when I feel like a truck hit me (yesterday it felt like the truck backed up for another go at me).  Good thing to be reminded of, we could all bear that in mind (rumor has it that every TT session has its bout of flu that runs rampant through the vulnerable yogis)  I have had my fair share of yoga classes with the flu and although it may knock you on your bee-hind it will help you work through the snot if nothing else ;) The second thing it reminded me was to pack some of the items one cannot wait for (Mucinex, Abreva, and other medications that "tomorrow" is not soon enough for)

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