Preparation thoughts 19 days b4 i leave

There is only so much one can fly with (unless one wants to (a) have to deal with more items of baggage than appendages and/or (b) weight issues that cost money and might rip limbs off).  I have therefore realized I should compile a shopping list of easily procurable items so that I do not need to pack and fly with such.  Cotton balls, tins of tuna, body lotion, nail polish remover, mouthwash, razors, . Items that are brand specific and may not be available I will take with.  Examples of this would be my favorite shampoo, the only brand of protein powder I like (or whatever it is that the individual simply must have a specific item for).   Just a thought...


  1. How's the dialogue swotting going, Edwina? T.

  2. it isn't =D I'm trying not to stress over it.