Advice from the veterans club

Here is a collection of the advice that has been handed to me with regards preparation for teacher training (in no particular order):
  • In the weeks leading up to TT maintain a consistent practice (don't assume that stepping it up will prepare you for TT any better)
  • Pack a few meal replacement type bars and/or protein powder even if you hate them. There will be times when you simply need something to eat and you're all run out.
  • Jerky (biltong for us South Africans) is a great snack to have on hand.  As is any other easy to store protein source you may prefer.
  • Honey is a great energy source and can be put into your water to carry you.  
  • Medications.  Don't just take your normal daily meds, also take supplies you infrequently need (such as antihistamines which you don't typically take, immodium (better to have a 2 pill pack you never use than to be one of the many that find a need for them and not have them on hand!),  a small tube of neosporin, some anti-inflamatory pills, decongestant (let's hope we don't catch the flu, but if we do let's be prepared),  a couple of antacids (for indigestion), and meds for any other issue you may occasionally be prone to. 
  • Under NO circumstances take painkillers, you could end up injuring yourself in class due to not getting the proper bio-feedback.
  • No expectations. This includes EVERYTHING.  Vegetarians have been known to hit the double cheeseburger in their first week.  Don't plan your meals in advance, your body is going to change, as will your carvings.  Just go with it.  Calm centered individuals have been reduced to tears.  Accept the emotions as they come.  Most of all, don't plan what you'll be doing or improving with regards to your practice. I got told this over and over.  As told, many a yogi has held some ideal in mind and ended up with an injury.  There are enough physical demands that expectations should probably not be added to the mix.  One of the bendiest yogis I know explains that during her TT she was at her least bendy ever.  She was building so much muscle that her easily-come-by flexibility took a vacation.  Which brings me to another point.  Don't set any expectations as to what will happen with your body.  Yes, on average men tend to burn off their spare fat and women tend to pack on muscle, but put that all aside and focus on surviving Bikram's bootcamp! =D

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  1. What?! No recommendations to learn the dialogue before you get there, so that you can get some sleep?! That surprises me.

    As you say, "no expectations" is the way to go! Easier said than done, I suspect.

    Just two weeks to go!

    I'm heading to Mexico for two weeks of r&r this week (hoping to be allowed to take my Bikram cd's with me, but will have to see what my chiro says about my rotator cuff on Monday first...), but will have my laptop with me and will be watching for your posts, Edwina!