5 classes down

How time flies ;)
Our room is a minimum of a 10min walk at a brisk pace from the yoga/lecture rooms) opposite ends of the resort.  Working out logistics still.  Figured out I like to wash my gear while in the shower.  I then hang it on the back of the chair outside and it dries in a jiffy. The kitchen my roomie and I have set up is working really well for us.  While some may have thought my overpacking (over the weight limit) was excessive I have come to appreciate many of the items I packed (when you need a flashlight you need a flashlight ;))  The fridge is tiny so I suppose that tiny fridge I had in Paris for two weeks served as good training (you cannot bring your own fridge in).

My fellow students have been nailing their half moon poses in the dialog clinics with Bikram.  They are all going to make fabulous teachers, and I look forward to a chance to take some of their classes some day in the future.  Jim Kallett taught our 5th class this evening and it was AWESOME!  I found my inner-mirror while in class and I think it was due in a great part to Jim's pearls of wisdom.
Off to evening lecture i go.  I'll post a couple of pictures tomorrow.

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