Awed and humbled

With less than a week to go till TT begins there is a lot of stuff going on.  I very wisely opted to drop half my hair.  My hair is way too thick to be long and getting wet twice a day.  I wanted to give it a chance to dry ;)  I've been trying out the new hair in and out of class... and let me tell you I'm going to need a lot less hair product!  LMHO.

The truth is I have been feeling a lot of fear lately.  At first I thought.. well, I don't know what I thought.  That isn't true.  I thought it was the ego thing... fear of failure. I thought I was not physically prepared for this torture.  However, it turns out (as these things are wont to do) that my fears were more about not being worthy.  I did not chose this journey as much as it chose me. I guess I over-think things too much huh?

I know, I know, shut up and pack woman!

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  1. Exciting times, Edwina!

    I have no doubt that you're worthy!

    Whether you're going to TT so that you can teach this wonderful yoga and have the privilege of sharing it with others in the future, or as a personal challenge to your self, your determination, your physical and cerebral strength ...

    Whatever your reason for going, you have the courage to undertake something that will be life-changing!

    Thinking of you ... min dae!