Clarity for non-yogis

If you are a friend or family (or simply a non-yogi) reading this I would like to add a note for you about what might follow.  Emotions are simply emotions.  Events occur, emotions arise, I acknowledge them, and (with any luck) move on.  I think of this experience being like childbirth.  It is terrible and painful during the process, but once it is all done the pain is immediately gone as one basks in the glow of new life.  In this case my new life. 300 people going through a torturous rebirth is likely to lead to some venting ;)  Accept it as a perspective for that moment.  A man at the bottom of a mountain cannot describe the view from the top, sometimes he can't even see the top.

Today's thought:
"Everyone and everything around you is your teacher."
- Ken Keyes Jr -

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