And so it begins...

We're off to a racing start... no wait... where did my other bag go?  Lost luggage claim?  Breath in, breathe out, it will all be okay. The flights themselves were uneventful.  It was nice to sit and talk to another students on one of the legs.  Okay, I almost got asked to move out of the exit row.  Apparently one must refrain from crying in the exit row. Other than that it was good trip.

We have gotten our course materials and had our orientation.  The most important lesson learned today was that it’s a LOT hotter in the sun.  I’ll be playing the cartoon version of dash shade to shade.

Rajashree told us how happy they were to have TT back in Cali.  The belief is that this will allow us to get more of Emmy, Raj and Bikram.  This is good no? ;) We are getting back some folks who have not been to the last 4 TTs. On the flip side, it is a new locale, so we will no doubt have some issues to iron out with the resort.

 My focus now?

Learn to be silent. Let your quiet mind listen and absorb.” 

– Pythagoras –

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