Time is starting to fly

Here is a shot up to our room (behind the trees).

Thursday morning classes remain dedicated to the Lovely M. You go girl!

7 classes down (we have 3 more this week). It was 91F/33C here today and the room we take lectures in is very susceptible to outside heat. The net result is that walking to the loo (the route to and from the lecture/yoga room is outside in the sun) one gets to really enjoy the cool 91F/33C temp! (that was NOT sarcasm, that was sincere... it is like a breath of fresh cool air stepping out of the sweltering room.)  Last night it got pretty darn cold in there!

One cute thing with both Rajashree and Bikram.  The way they say Palm Desert makes it sound like Palm Dessert.  Makes it sound like a much better place to have a hellish 9 week yoga bootcamp, no? ;)

People are starting to get achy (which is to be expected).  Today a small number of people got some pedialite/Gatorade to help them through a rough patch in class.  For our 4th day of yoga I think we are doing well.  It may be due to the preparation some students have done.  Unlike me many (most?) students seem to have been prepared by their local studio.  I confess I have clique envy of all the students that came in groups.  Speaking of groups, don't visit British Columbia as all of the studios there must be closed due to every last student in BC being here at TT ;)  There are also a LOT of Aussies and New Zealanders.  Many of the Americans are like me and have another mother country.  Nice bunch indeed, and very attractive!

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