Day 2 - Class one

I am on a yoga high!

I truly needed that class, as I think did most of us. Bikram was truly enjoying himself today and seems to be delighted with the biggest class ever, and being back in California where he can be joined by his children, movie star friends, and long-time mostest-senior Bikram teachers.We will apparently be seeing more of Emmy, Bikram and Rajashee than the last 4.  We also get Dr Anne Marie Bennstrom back this cycle.  There was a general sense of elation as we all left class today.  I think there was much trepidation which has now passed that helped.  In addition we were super duper lucky that class was not super hot and not humid, meaning we really had it easy.  In return we all stayed in class and enjoyed the yoga to our fullest.  Did I mention Bikram was on top form (yes, you can laugh and hold a pose... and hold it... and hold it...).  It was only a 118min class mind you. Tomorrow may not be as easy so tonight we revel in our luck!


  1. Sounds like you're off to a great start, Edwina!

  2. Hi! I'm hoping to be there for fall 09 and I'll be following along... peace to you!