It's alive!! (week 1 done)

Well actually it should be "it's still alive".  May I be the first to say "holy Budda"?!  (My room mate says to create balance in the universe for the all the times Bikram says "Jesus Christ" we should pick another deity to use their name in vain)

The room is now a lot hotter (since yesterday morning's class).  I would guess the temp is between 105F/31C and 120F/50C in there.  It is also a lot more humid so we are getting nice and hot n sweaty.  The weather here has cooled off a little to 85F/29C.  It's a nice dry warmth, so not as difficult as wet sweltering heat.  We may as well enjoy it, because as summer rolls in, things here is the desert will get pretty darn toasty.

We have more folks now needing to take a knee or lie down in class. With so many factors in play it is inevitable.  There was a lot of excitement and nerves for most of us, add the physical demands, the sleep deprivation (did I mention we stayed up until 4am on Thursday nite?), the change in diet, etc etc and it is no surprise that some people end up feeling severely faint or nauseous in class.  We had Rajashree teaching all the morning classes except this morning (Taught by Mike Winter out of Houston), and Bikram taught all the evening classes except the one Jim Kallett (from San Diego) taught.  We're all feeling a little worse for wear (so where do you ache?!), but spirits are high.  Whooohooo we survived one week!  Emmy comes next week.

Human traction... bones to skin... fingers to toes :)

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