5 is alive

Holy crud!  5 weeks over.  It is hard to believe.  On the one hand I feel like i just got here, and on the other I feel like I have been here forever. We have 4 weeks left to go... I'm guessing that means 20 postures in 15 days (come on, there is like totally not going to be any dialogue in week 9! Get real, they will make us do it all by the end of week 8 for sure.)  The perceptions of dialog delivery are in and of themselves interesting.  I have found people whose dialogue is good, and their delivery (energy, passion, etc) to be exceptional, beating themselves up feeling like they are not doing that well.  I have also seen people recite the dialogue without any energy, inflection, or attention to the bodies, think that they are the shiznick.  I'm not sure which is worse.  I am sure though, that as we progress we will all be aided by the posture clinics to be better at whatever it is that we need to improve.  Ultimately we will all be offered the tools we need to succeed. It is merely up to us to accept and use them.

This past week we had Emmy teaching most mornings and Bikram teaching most nights.  I think if I didn't do another class I would still hurt for a month!  As Emmy and Diane both said... I need more intensity.  So, I now kill myself in every class.  Some days that means I'm like an animal... in others I have much much less to give.  The results are pretty profound.  I'm getting ripped.  Seriously, even I can notice it.  People are commenting on it a lot. Another benefit is that I have learnt to focus, concentrate and mediate even through searing, stabbing or exploding pain.  Did I mention I booked myself for a much deserved and needed massage tomorrow?  I'm worth it! =D

We had Jon Burras guest lecturing this week.  I like Jon.  I like Jon's lecture.  I especially like the way some people got worked up into a froth over his lecture.  ;)  Emmy also lectured.  I think her review of our triangles may very well have been the most productive thing that Emmy brought to us.  Why do I say that?  In a nutshell, folks who thought they had triangle nailed discovered they did not.  We all learnt how to correct different body types and limitations.  This knowledge is invaluable as a practitioner and as a teacher.  Next week we have Doctor week.  Dr Das will be presenting, as will Rajashree (assisted by the head of some medical centre (I'm too lazy to check my notes now - If i remember, i will do it later)).  I also had at least one Di-piphany (Di-piphany (noun) - when one suddenly "gets" a pose because of getting some insight from Diane Ducharme) this week, which was pretty cool.  Now, would it be too much to ask to get back to locking my knees in padahastasana and seeing my toes camel?  (without giving up my current height in full locust or low butt in the 1st part of awkward mind you!)  The body... it doeth whatevereth it pleaseth...


  1. Dipiphany... haha... that's pretty cute... did you tell her that before she left?? I know EXACTLY what you're talking about. :)

  2. I did not... I guess I could email her and her her know the new term... ;)