Slow roasted Turkey

Yup, with the heat here I am becoming the world's slowest roasted turkey... in a little less than 7 weeks the oven that is Palm Desert will ping and this glistening, golden turkey will emerge. One does not even manage to truly cool down while inside in the air conditioning.  It has the added downside of leading to a significant amount of dehydration and electrolyte imbalance. I faint here, generally it does not lead to feeling fabulous. We all have to chug-a-lug about 5 liters of water a day.  Not something one can practice at home because this is too much water at home, so we all had to get used to it here.

Our posture clinics went well last night after Jim's class.  We had Martha Williams (yes she of the women's retreat in Minnesota fame) as our staff lead in the room.  If fact, Martha taught a fabulous class this morning.  I sure found it hard... indeed brutal... BUT it was a good class.  We continued with our anatomy lecture with Dr T (Dr Frank Trapani and his lovely wife Sonia).  We have 2 weeks of Dr T.  I think we're all in love with doctor T.  Class this evening was with Jim again, who is under the impression this will be the last class he teaches at this TT :(  I heart Jim.  I had a supercalifragilistic class!  It was like a 90min yogasm!  I'm still a lot stiff, but i was able to sustain every pose with poise, focus and normal breathing.  That being said... ow... i think that may hurt in the morning!


  1. So... what is a truly brutal class? Do they hold you in triangle for like 3 minutes? the 2 hour class - how does it get to be that way? is it because everything gets held for like 30% longer? or is there lots of talking? combo of both?

  2. Here is the scary part... This is week three. They are still being nice. The proverbial paw-paw still has to hit the fan! It's hot in there, and humid; not to mention you're physically, mentally and emotionally (and how) drained. You have all this stuff going on in your head. You HAVE to do class. Make no mistake there is something infinitely easier about choosing to do a double (or triple or quad). Some poses are longer yes, and they will get even more so as the weeks go. It's all about mental fortitude.
    Sure, there is also the brutal physical effects of not eating or hydrating correctly.
    It's all good though... all good :)