Bed before 2am?!

I fear what this means... Tonight there was no movie after our posture clinic.  We all left our posture clinics as scheduled at 11:30pm, only to be told in the lecture hall that Bikram had decided to let us go for the night.  Are we in for an ass-whomping come morning?  Guys, Emmy already kicked my ever shrinking behind good and proper this morning! ah what the heck... bring it on!

I am now going to go meditate and then focus on my Balancing Stick a little before bed.  For some reason that wretched pose is not sticking!  New Shakti gear should be on sale soon... oooohhhh ;)


  1. Hi Edwina,

    Can you talk a little about the 2 hr classes? Are you just holding poses for ever? Is there talking/explanation that makes them run long?

  2. Classes are what they are. For me Emmy's 90min classes are more deadly than any 2 class will ever be. I die for Emmy every time (OW!). Once here time does not matter, the length of the pose does not matter. All that matters is embracing the learning that comes from each moment.