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As I said before the fridges are small.  So that takes a savvy brian to deal with.  At this point the hotel charges $2 a day to rent the fridge.  The minibar (52F/12C) is free, but will not properly keep certain foodstuffs (now is not the time to be inviting Salmonella to the party).  Internet and parking both run $12 a day (yes you can request the internet in your room for just one 24hr period per week (say noon Saturday to noon Sunday)).  I am using phone-as-a-modem for my internet connectivity, but for international visitors this may not be viable/cost effective.  The lobby/business center charges $3 for 30 min of internet (where they provide the computer).

We procured a small cheap microwave (hot plates are strictly forbidden and can bring the wrath of the Bikram staff down on you when the hotel complains about you) as the hotel did not have any available (despite the fact that we requested one way in advance).  The box worked out very well and serves as a "kitchen" holding our supplies all neat and tidy (saving much surface space.

We were glad for coming in a day early, not just for being able to scoot around in a rental car and pick stuff up, but also because we were not caught in the deluge of check-ins.

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