I have been remiss.  I last told you who taught on Tuesday.  My bad.  Wednesday morning Pubali Campbell (out of NH) taught another fabulous class.  That evening we had the John Salvatore show.  John is an entertainer with every fiber of his being foremost and a yoga teacher secondly. The class truly enjoyed the levity he brought to the class.  Make no mistake, these are senior teachers that understand their craft, and by that I mean that they truly try to bring out the very best of us. They are very good at making us demand the best of ourselves.  The classes are hard, we hurt, we ache, we fall over, but we learn to persevere. This is their gift to us, out of their hearts.  My hat goes off to the staff and volunteer teachers who so graciously and selflessly give and give to us to help us grow into better people and better teachers. They are beacons of light for most of us.  If this class is good or special in any way it in only in testament to the legions of teachers that coached all of us.


  1. I LOVE John Salvatore!!! I have taken many of his classes in NYC. He is an awesome performer and teacher. Enjoy!

  2. John is awesome, but I confess I am a Ren devotee. When Ren spoke to us both in class and in my second posture clinic it resonated within me. I would drive 300 miles to go to a Ren seminar. Underneath all that energy and flamboyance is an old soul with enough wisdom and love to share with the entire world.