week 4 update

Bikram and Dr T

I have been lax in posting, I know.  My husband was in town for the weekend.  Studying my dialogue, studying for my anatomy test (yeah... nailed that sucker!), and spending time with him took precedence over updating y'all. Truth is, the anatomy is served up in such a manner that the only way one cannot excel on the test is if you are English Second Language (there are indeed some folks here who's grasp on English is very tenuous - my heart goes out to them, and my admiration too!), or you simply failed to pay any attention whatsoever.  Anatomy is not something to fret over, as Dr Trapani makes it really simple to follow. It is a very dry topic, so focusing could be a fun thing to try and practice.

We had posture clinic on Monday night... but last night... Daddy was back... oh yes... lectures till midnight and movies till 4:20am.  Ah the joys of TT.  Now we're all tired, stressed and sore (the soreness never passes... best you can hope for is your aches to migrate to a new and more interesting place).

For those of you who have had the honor and privilege of ever being under the tutelage of Lynn whitlow or Diane Ducharme... you lucky dogs you!!! I'll say more when I stop being in awe... if I stop being in awe...

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  1. Yeeeeeah, Diane!! I was a regular student of hers for a while when I lived in Boston, and yes, that makes me a ridiculously lucky person. We have stayed in really good touch since I moved and she is my yoga mentor and I LOVE her. I'm sooo excited for you guys that she is there right now... wish I could be there too! And yes, she DOES know everything, so don't be shy, ask her. :) :)