Group 6

I love love love my posture clinic group. They are a really great bunch of people and I am eagerly looking forward to getting to know them. Here are some of the folks in my group:
  • Lori - has been an actress for 37 years, and is our resident "drama queen" (literally =D) and mother figure from Colorado.  Of course she learns the dialogue in like minutes.  I would like to hate her for that, only she is sooo good at giving me tips when a line or paragraph won't stick with me I have to forgive her :)
  • Victor - Is this lovely lovely man from Mexico. He will tell you in the most fluent English that his English is not so good, and that he only really learnt it in the month prior to TT.  Of course he just blew most of his vocabulary in telling you this.  He is the epitome of "smiling happy face".
  • Kristin - you know that beautiful, thin, super flexible, blonde you just want to dismember our of sheer jealousy; but you can't because you really really like them?  That's Kristin.  Sigh.  Darn that cute Texan for being so likable!
  • Lennart - talk about a strong practice!  This guy is good with a capital G.  He is the sweetest German guy out; but trust me, I have also seen glimpses of his mischievous sense of humor.
  • Lauren - I wanna be Lauren when I grow up! (although she's probably a lot younger than me)

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