Brainwashing progress report

Agent 0177 reporting in. 
After 4 weeks the brain washing is almost complete.  Bed time for the new recruits was between 2:30am and 4:30am all of this week.  The sleep deprivation has worn them down.  They can't even think for themselves more often than not.  Crying, rage and fits of screaming are now frequent enough to prove efficacy. The final test of pliancy was Friday night when the very very bad Bikram Disco song (I believe track 3 on "Bikram's Lounge" ($14)) was played after class and the recruits were encouraged to dance.  Agent 0177 must report that she has been compromised.  She danced.  She even thinks this track is the best of the Bikram recordings.


  1. Sounds like everything is proceeding according to plan.

  2. Yes, we have officially lost our minds. LOL.