Happy birthday Rajashree

This afternoon was my favorite Bikram lecture to date.  I could really relate to it and it struck a chord in me.  The lecture room was just so darn hot it's hard not to feel like it's an extra 4 hours of class without the poses.  Emmy Cleaves had to leave early on some personal matters, we all hope for the best.  I can't wait till she comes back.  Jim is back, yay.  

Anatomy classes are next week with Dr T.  Posture clinics also start next week.  Saturday is our mandatory CPR certifications.  Last night we watched a bunch of news clips and specials on Bikram, Yoga and Bishnu Ghosh, and got to bed early (before 1am!  yay!)  Ah the joys of sleep deprivation.  I am really appreciating my hands today.  They do not hurt.  It is nice to have a body part without aching, burning, or stabbing pain. Other than that... drinking all this water is HARD if you are not used to it.  And the pain and suffering is NOT worth not making yourself feel like you are drowning in water.

The class is starting to have some emotional breakthroughs (and breakdowns). At this point much less than I had expected.  For the most part attitudes remain positive.  We are all working through our own stuff, and it comes out in different ways for different people.  They really are a fabulous bunch of human becomings.

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