I love avocados

I really do.  Yum.  I bought this big bag at Costco the Saturday b4 TT started and stuck them in this stay fresh veggie bag.  I have 2 left.  Oh woe is me when I run out.  Some folks are apparently having PB and Jelly for dinner.  That would not fly with moi for sure!  With the coffee maker's hot water one could at the very least make instant oatmeal or ramen noodles once in a while.  The aches continue... whoohoo? At least I'm not dead right?  Actually the class did fabulously this morning, the last couple of mornings we had a number of people taking a knee or needing a breather.  This morning they were rocking it.  Emmy is the bomb, not only for classes and lectures, but also for just being Emmy.  Bikram is a very very very smart man with a substantial knowledge base. He is also a delightful entertainer who really puts a great deal of himself into his craft.  The two things (well as I see it at this point anyways) that he is not is succinct and able to relate his point to the masses.  After his lectures people try to phantom his point.  This too may be part of his bigger plan (and trust me, the man always has some devious plan ;))


  1. I'm not disagreeing, since I haven't met the man. But it strikes me as a bit funny that Bikram has trouble relating his points to the masses, since he is the man who has most successfully disseminated his style of yoga to the masses.

  2. most people get the physical aspects of his yoga, but his philosophy (which is what we are getting a lot of) is taking come time to sink in with many folks.