Posture clinics

After 2 weeks of posture clinics, here is my take on it SO FAR.
Some of the senior staff are simply better than others at certain aspects of the posture clinics.  Out of the folks I have had in my posture clinics the followings ones stand out for me due to them delivering a specific message (or being first to deliver it).
  • Martha Williams helped us understand the role of a teacher as it pertained to being up there on the podium. The thing that sticks out for me from Martha's posture clinics is that the teacher is teaching one student at a time.  The dialogue is not plural... it is "kick your leg up", "suck your stomach in".  This was actually very profound for me.
  • Ren taught us a lot more about being a teacher, what you can and cannot do with the dialogue in order to be successful.
  • Mike Frayer has scary 6th sense like abilities.  He not only sees what you are lacking in your delivery, but somehow manages to know what part of it you need to hear at that moment.  For everyone in my group the night we had him he managed to pinpoint a focal point and draw them away from what they were obsessing over.  
  • Diane Ducharme got us after we had gotten some conflicting messages "you must stand still", "you should make natural movements", etc.  What she reminded us was that this was a laboratory where we would be free to experiment and learn to be our very best teacher-selves.  We should learn to let go in order to find out what works.  If feedback does not resonate as true within you and make you less effective... leave it on the floor.

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