4 weeks... 100 Ibuprofen tablets... that's an average of... um... 3.57 tablets per day. considering I try to abstain that's saying something. On to bottle #2.

The desert dirt is more pervasive than I thought.  Most of use tend to leave this dirty sweaty footprints right in the middle of our glistening white, hotel provided, towels during class.  Much of it is the desert dirt.  Some of it is our flip flops of course.  

I did some hand washing the end of the first week, and again at the end of this week.  All I have to say is EWW! The first batch washed out fine.  Today's stuff made it look like I was making tea (a blend of Green and Ceylon, if you must know).  The big difference... the floor.  The yoga capris I washed today got to sit on the carpet during posture clinic.  The hotel carpets must be filthy. I repeat again... EWW!

 practicing anywhere... any time...

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