what's in store?

Holy Cow, it's Thursday again.  Thursdays are still the only day with a consistent dedication.  Thursday morning classes are still for the Lovely M (kick that C's ass!).  I did good today, lots of positive healing energy coming your way!

Another TMI alert.  Okay, so the Bikram yoga waltzed into my central control system found the big RESET button on the hormones console and whacked the button with all it's might.  Do things really have to insist on getting worse before they get better?  Yes, yes, it'll fix any issues I have in the body... yadda yadda...  but holy cow... a second period only 20 days after I started the last.  Urk.  The worst part of this, is that my cycles dial all aches and pains up several notches.

On a bright note, despite having to go to the lecture hall after posture clinic last night Bikram did not keep us up until 4:20am again!  Yay.  We got let out of the room at 2:30.  I miss sleep... I wonder if it misses me?

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