Week 2 Tuesday

We had our first Emmy lecture after lunch today, and also the class finished up our Half Moons this evening.  Whooohooo!  I was nervous and kinda botched the first half of mine and then raised the roof in the second half.  I found it better to forget the room and focus on my 4 demo students, when I did that I was able to begin to relax into just teaching.  The truth is I am petrified of standing up in front of groups and talking.  I must therefore face that which I fear most.  The class honestly did a fabulous job with their dialogues.  Were it not for nerves Bikram would have had so much less to focus on.

Here is a picture of my roommate and myself before enjoying Emmy's lecture in the sweltering heat...


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  2. Hey hope you don't mind if I follow along... I"m hoping to go to training this fall! Thanks so much for all the info and you ROCK!!!!