Monday - week 5

I'm feeling better... physically and emotionally after today's 2 classes.  I guess a good gauge for the abuse of one's body is that this morning in the bathroom I realized it was my 4th consecutive day without bathroom issues.  I was immediately suspicious.  Now that everything is normal... can I trust it? How long will it last? Between that and today's classes ironing out much of my stiffness and aches I am ever hopeful that I may have turned a corner.  The class too seems to be doing well.  Some time after the middle of last week our discipline in class significantly improved.  We still have the odd person having a bad day (heck, that's a lot of abuse to be taking mentally and physically).  There are also only a few stranglers who are not yet fully committed to giving their all in every class.  I suspect the staff and faculty here will have us all toeing the line in no time.  YESSIR!

We had our second anatomy test today, and I believe it went well.  Afterwards we did our first daytime posture clinic.  I was looking forward to doing our usual evening one, but to no avail.  We have a lecture starting at 9:30pm.  The late start may not bode well for sleep :(


  1. Don't know how you cope with the sleep deprivation ... I think that would be the thing that would take me out, if I ever got the chance to go to TT!

  2. everyone has their weak points and their challenges. you learn to toughen up... or you fail to gain the very thing you need most...