On to class #52

Jon Burras

Kristen and I in a lecture

Diane Ducharme (love love love this woman!)

Emmy Cleaves (an icon for the ages)

Ashley doing a demo


  1. Hello Edwina. I am enjoying your blog and just wanted to say Hi. I'm a brand new student at your home studio and was lucky enough to share a couple of classes with you before you left, including your "last Erica class." I have been mostly holding the floor down since you left. Such a pleasant surprise to stumble upon your blog. I especially enjoy the nuggets of wisdom from your esteemed teachers. I guess A-- is coming to visit. I hope you'll have some pictures of the two of you. Will you be teaching when you return?


  2. I would like to teach at both the Ann Arbor and Plymouth studios (both of these have been home to me), but to be honest this has not been discussed. I am also considering taking a couple of weeks here and there to travel so that I can learn more. Right now I am eyeing out Traverse City and Milwaukee for a visit (not that I have talked to anyone yet) Notice a trend? ;) Then there are the people in Toledo with no studio... so many people to take the yoga to! =D

  3. I know, most of the places I go to visit family have no Bikram studio, which means I also can't recommend it to people there.

  4. Thanks for the photo's, Edwina! That standing bow is to die for!

  5. My fav thing about that standing bow picture is how Bikram is being a lunatic behind her. :D